Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Day in Old Town Fair Oaks

A fun day in Fair Oaks Villages
Brandon and I went to old town Fair Oaks and ate at the Sunflower Cafe where I quickly made friends with a rooster. Yup true bosom buddies. Brandon was jealous.

After, we went and looked at the great view over looking the American River. It was a long way down. We found a tree where the ground had fallen away but the roots were still firmly attached to what was left.

Woahh, steady, steady...dunt da da

This is quite cozy...a perfect place for a bird nest.

We found a tree with a hollow center and inside found beer bottles and lots of creepy stuff.

Brandon has spotted his prey and is about to attack.

I caught him falling in mid-air

This is the beautiful view and you can see the tree that the earth has fallen away from in the background.