Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun Memories Together

A little nappy nap...such a hard worker. That's my handsome man.

I love you!!!

Brandon frosting a cake we made at my best friend' house...Deleste Magda. After watching a performance at Bear River High School. It was the last performance of the year for Starlite Express. A show pop group of high schoolers that I choreographed for. Lots of hard work and it payed off. Now the years off.

Brandon and I babysitting Keaton. This is what happens to your kids when you leave them with us. Everyone to your battle stations. KeKe was a blast. Such an adorable kid. He's checking to make sure the coast is clear...for brandon.

I guess you could say KeKe was well protected from just about anything. You don't mess with him. He's a really tough soldier and hard to beat.

Friday, May 8, 2009

We recently went to Santa Cruz to chaperone Hayley and her friends. We did some intense goofing off, and tried our hand at a matrix'esq' jump over the sand pit. When that didn't work so well, I resorted to chasing birds. Hayley stayed out of trouble and we had plenty of time to get into it :)