Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My 1st Attempt at Making Homemade Bread

This is the recipe that I used for my first homemade bread. I got it from my mom. Sunday the lesson in Relief Society was on Homemaking. Brandon always wanted me to make bread, so I took this as a little push and finally bought the ingrediants that I needed to make it from scratch. It wasn't that difficult...but it took patience. The recipe that my mom gave me made 4 loaves...so I had to figure out a 1/4 of that so I wasn't over loaded with bread.
So far so good. Now I have to wait a while so the dough can rise. This was 100% whole wheat. My mother is the ultimate Molly Mormon so growing up I was able to watch and learn from her. B/c of her I was more comfortable doing this on my own...needless to say I did call her up a few times to double check on some things.
The dough is getting BIGGER!!!

Next step...

Final product...not too bad I would say. It tasted good to. Well I can check that off my list of things to attempt. Now all I have to do is PERFECT it.


  1. Good Job!!! Looks yummy.
    What are you doing Saturday morning? Want to go garage saleing?

  2. that sounds possible. just remind me later. i'm going to be making white bread this time. love you.

  3. That looks so yummy! I have tried to make banana bread three times now and I still haven't gotten it right! After this last time I think I finally figured it out... I had the oven on the wrong degrees. I had it at 300 and I think it needs to be at 350! Silly me!
    But seriously good job on the wheat bread!