Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Billion Beach Family Trip

This was our sleeping arrangment the last night in Dillion Beach. We gave up the biggest room to my parents. Brandon and I slept on a bed that pulls out from the wall. It was cool b/c I never slept on that type of bed before. We had to rearrange all of the furniture in the room to make room for the bed. Just got to love family trips.
While on the beach we saw a baby seal that came on shore. It was like an attraction b/c it brought so many people over. We were able to get pretty dang close to the seal. It didn't seem to mind people. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I really wanted to touch it...but I didn't.

The waves at Dillion Beach were so big and out of control that they washed Brandon to shore. Brandon had a good workout just trying to get far enough out to ride the waves in. The water was really cold. Thank goodness for a wet suit.

The beach house we stayed in was really close to the rocks. So when the tide was down we went out and checked out the sea life. It was really nifty. There was a lot of starfish and crabs.

We spent a good amount of time in the sand dunes. It was really exhausting after a while. I guess you could say it was part of our workout for the day. There was a lot of mist and fog...which gave the beach a really cool mysterious effect.